The Media Minute 8.9.23

Ads Require ‘More Creativity And Nuance’

“If there’s one item that’s completely changed the game with paid search, it’s how consumer privacy expectations are shifting ad targeting,” NP Digital’s Paid Media Fast Forward report says. “From industry leaders to smaller players, advertisers don’t have as much flexibility when creating hyper-specific targeting for campaigns.”

The report points to the moving away from third-party cookies as well as privacy changes as reasons that ads require “more creativity and nuance than ever before.”


Research Reveals More Consumers Will Share All Types of Personal Information With Brands This Year

Of the 15 different types of information Airship tracked year-over-year, email addresses are the most freely shared at 86% of respondents. This year, “interests relevant to a brand” (78%) displaced “name” as the second most shared information.


2023 State of Video Technology

Over 8 out of 10 (81%) of people want more video content from brands, but 70% of consumers say they rarely or never receive video from brands. That’s down from 74% last year, meaning brands are using video more for digital communications — but not nearly enough.


The Revenue Narrative: B2B Marketers Are Taking A Dollar-Based Approach

It shouldn’t be that hard for B2B executives to wrap their minds around the idea of revenue marketing: Simply, it means focusing on revenue as the ultimate goal. Of course, it also calls for alignment of marketing with revenue goals, integration of sales and marketing … But 97% say they can define it, according to the 2023 Revenue Marketing B2B Benchmark Report, a study by Demand Spring.

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