The Media Minute 11.21.2017

The B2B publishing and information industry, like the greater media ecosystem as we know it, is in the midst of an inexorable, irreversible, and unrelenting period of change.

Magazine publishers typically develop informal rules of thumb to help speed decision making and proposal writing.

When asked about her biggest wins of 2017, Jazmine Hughes, associate editor of New York Times Magazine, listed a couple of expected accomplishments.

In-house services can provide recurring revenue and growth for your business!

With the closure of alternative weeklies in Baltimore and Philadelphia—and the Village Voice’s decision to end print publication after 62 years.

The economic strains of technology on the entire media landscape are intensifying.

On any given day, Time Inc.’s branded content studio, The Foundry, is churning out campaigns for advertisers, to the tune of more than 1,000 over the past two years.

“We’re building a big experiences business. It’s not just that everything is going digital, consumers also want to have real experiences. And we see that as a big business.

Time Inc. is said to be in talks to sell itself to the Meredith Corporation, in a deal backed by Charles G. and David H. Koch, the billionaire brothers known for supporting conservative causes.

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The Media Minute 11.14.2017

This year has seen some seismic shifts in the publishing and advertising industries as major issues such as transparency and brand safety have taken centre stage.

Publishers’ brands are in a state of flux.

The launch of the brand’s newest program comes at a time of recent advertising success.

We now live in a world where publishers offer creative design and content services to their advertisers, and ad/marketing agencies publish custom magazines.

Not too long ago, video was the answer to any question about the future of publishing revenues

It was time to create something that didn’t exist, that conformed to what 2012 was bringing on and what 2017 today has really embraced, which is publishing a high-quality product on the highest-quality paper stock; a quarterly book.

Can an algorithm sift through piles of content to deliver top advertising dollars to top quality journalism?

Amazon is beta testing an application programming interface for Amazon Marketing Services, the part of its ad business that encompasses self-served Amazon ads, including its paid search platform.

To help improve the process of attracting and acquiring new clients, Mirabel Technologies, creator of The Marketing Manager lead identification and marketing automation CRM platform, has developed an integration shortcut that automates the flow of data between its own system and third party applications using Zapier, a leading web integration platform designed for non-technical users.

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The Media Minute 11.07.2017

Using data modelling to boost audience insight and pinpoint those consumers ready to make a purchase can increase value to advertisers.

For the record, I stay up to date on many blogs, threads, and various news chains.

While publishers in the U.S. have “pivoted to video” in droves, those in the U.K. haven’t done so to the same degree, due to a smaller market, fewer VC-backed publishers and comparatively less reliance on Facebook.

Newcomers to publishing produce a pair of high-quality coffee-table books for their customers.

With social media dominating the way readers find and consume content, digital publishers are faced with daunting challenges.

The power of the brand as a whole is a vital component to the health wheel of publishing.

Unsurprisingly, Facebook was top of mind among video publishers at the Digiday Video Anywhere Summit.

Some day, whether in two months or five years from now, you might think about selling your niche media company.

Both Time Inc.’s Food & Wine and Condé Nast’s Bon Appétit think they have the best battle plan, but only one can be better.

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The Media Minute 10.31.2017

Autoplay has become synonymous with publishers putting monetisation ahead of user experience.

Micropayments haven’t delivered on their promise to save the publishing business. But publishers are finding new uses for them in the hunt for new subscribers.

As Google and Facebook gobble up an ever-larger share of the digital advertising pie, subscriptions and other paid content offerings have been pitched as an antidote for publishers’ financial woes.

Chicago – Local Independent Online News Publishers announced a grant of $250,000 that will go toward helping local newsrooms find sustainable business plans using advertising, sponsored content, email newsletters and native advertising.

HUnlike other Medium partners, they’re not paid per clap: “Medium has derisked it for us by providing financial value while creating opportunities for us to establish direct relationships with readers.”ow Medium is attracting premium publishers to its partner program

A four-year-old London startup called Echobox found traction in Europe and is poised to further expand in the U.S. with its AI-assisted social media product.

It’s Monday and the usual fear, terror and loathing has set in. No, it’s not the upcoming sales meeting, it’s Halloween., part of the Cloud Technologies S.A. group, which provides Big Data tools and services for online marketing in over 40 markets, has launched a global report into ad blocking.

Every business needs a purpose. A business without one will eventually fail, and even a well-defined purpose doesn’t guarantee success.

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The Media Minute 10.24.2017

We live in a tumultuous time for print publishing.

Keep reading if… you’d like to know how we use a simple marketing automation to generate sales.

Meredith’s CEO discusses the MPA’s latest campaign, Bauer Publishing wins in court, and other headlines from around the world of magazines.

If readers had any doubt that the digital advertising industry was picking 2017 as the year it finally grew up and became more accountable, less prone to fraud and more focussed on transparency, they need only look at today’s news from IAB UK.

Publishers continue to surrender audience and valuable data to third-party platforms like Facebook, Google, and Snapchat.

The deal is reflective of bigger consolidations in the magazine industry.

Autoplay has become synonymous with publishers putting monetization ahead of user experience.

THE ADVERTISING LANDSCAPE is undergoing its most sweeping transformation in years.

When Sid Evans sits down behind his desk in his office these days, he’s editing for two – two magazines.

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The Media Minute 10.17.2017

At the Folio: Show, a moment of clarity about the current media landscape.

Everyone wants to learn more about new ways to drive online revenue.

Over the past several months, The New York Times has helped the automaker Kia put the latest model of its Cadenza sedan in some unusual situations.

In August, Medium started letting a select group of users — mainly people who’d frequently published content on Medium in the past — put their content behind a paywall.

This week, our top stories covered publishers’ interest in Twitter live video, Facebook’s sports streaming rights push and more.

“We’ll still always delight in producing the print magazine. I want to bring the print magazine’s voice into 2018 feeling modern and cool, and very much like Rachael.

Medium, the text-focused publishing platform created by Twitter cofounder Evan Williams, is reinventing itself again.

Print remains central, but events are where opportunities exist, suggests a new Folio: reader survey.

As the pivot to video picks up steam, startup Ad3 hopes to rectify issues that have made online video less enjoyable for viewers and less profitable for publishers.

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The Media Minute 10.10.2017

Glamour has launched the #PoweredByWomen initiative, dedicated to supporting female creative talent within the industry with the aim of sparking conversation around gender equality.

A few years ago, Google regularly traded barbs with major news publishers in public. Today, Google is rewiring its search engine to appease them.

As another year draws to a close, key figures at major publishers share insights on how they are defining success and refining their strategies moving forward.

According to the Edison Research 2017 Infinite Dial Study, overall familiarity with podcasting has reached 60% in the U.S. and the monthly audience for podcasts is 67 million listeners.

The truth is you cannot grow your business if you don’t delegate.

Aaron Hicklin, Editor in Chief, of Out magazine asks in his intro to the 25th Anniversary issue of the magazine, “How do you write an editor’s letter marking an anniversary?

As CEO of Chartbeat, a software and data provider to publishers, he showed editors, in real time, which stories were “trending” on their sites.

Facebook’s obsession with figuring out how to make money from video has some publishers wondering what’s happening with its other recent big initiative, Facebook Instant Articles.

Publishers have embraced data as invaluable decision-making tool that guides content strategy and audience development.

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The Media Minute 10.03.2017

Are YOU assertive enough? I think it’s one of the BIGGEST problems salespeople have when making calls.

If you work in ad sales and depend on your CRM, some tools are absolutely essential.

Martha Stewart Living is reveling in its continued energy and commitment to its audience with a brand new redesign that refreshes the already notable brand.

New research by Publishing Executive shows stalwart technologies like email and ad serving earn publishers revenue — while lead gen and ecommerce point to shifting business models.

What does the departure of four top editors say about the future of magazines?

After nearly folding in 2016, the magazine is back and better than before.

Publishers gathered this week at the Digiday Publishing Summit in Key Biscayne, Florida, where the challenges of making money on distributed platforms was a hot topic.

ShortList, the men’s magazine that redefined print media in the UK, has unveiled a collectors’ edition to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its launch.

Company announces it has completed the acquisition of Mezzobit and PubNation

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The Media Minute 09.26.2017

Facebook and all those bloggers and vloggers have shredded the magazine market.

One evening in mid-September, a gaggle of writers and bon vivant editors gathered by the outdoor fireplace and ivy-covered trellis of a West Village tavern.

Whether you have a team of social media editors, an entire marketing department or you are just doing it yourself, getting the most value for time spent on social media is critical to your media business.

For all the steps Facebook has taken to support publishers, two new reports offer a stark reminder of who’s really in charge.

As the magazine enters its 27th year, editor in chief Elizabeth Graves is leading the way.

Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “There are no facts, only interpretations.”

Consumers and women still love the printed format to turn to for inspiration and for more of that lean-back experience.

Reading magazines digitally has had its ups and downs. Many reports have shown that the amount of reading on e-readers, such as the Kindle, has been decreasing along with purchases of these devices.

News publishers reassure themselves with the number of Key Performance Indicators at their disposal.

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The Media Minute 09.19.2017

Two worlds that have traditionally lived separately are now converging: Media is playing a larger role in commerce and commerce is picking up typical traits of media.

Chances are you’ve heard about it and thought about it too. A growing number of publishers are offering creative marketing services to diversify their revenue model –and it makes sense.

It’s been a year since The Washington Post started using its homegrown artificial intelligence technology, Heliograf, to spit out around 300 short reports and alerts on the Rio Olympics.

The WSJ pulled out of FCF and saw traffic losses but higher subscription revenue.

Google News announced a new focus on hyperlocal and community news Thursday with a feature called Community Updates.

Data suggest that digital engagement is leveling off for most, but not all.

Haymarket Media Group, the international specialist media, information and technology company, has launched the new-look monthly edition of iconic media and marketing brand Campaign.

In order to be successful with marketing optimization, several things need to be taken into consideration.

Print media might be in decline, but luxury-focused publishers – even a few digital native ones – are getting increasingly physical.

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