The Media Minute 01.02.2018

I came to America in 1978 as a student of magazines and 40 years later I continue to be a student of magazines.

An interview with Allison Adams, the B2B media company’s newly hired chief subscription officer.

2017 was the year Facebook emerged as the media gatekeeper.

Vivek Shah, CEO of J2’s Ziff Davis, knows a thing or two about surviving digital transitions.

Despite a torrid year, leading media agency says UK consumer magazine market has been ‘seriously undervalued’ by marketers

Publishers of a weekly newspaper in Alabama are buying three weekly newspapers on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Data-driven teams focused on publishing great content and growing their business always need to be asking how they can maximize their potential.

Editors select their most significant covers from the past 12 months.

Gannett CMO Andy Yost says 2018 is “the year of brand appraisal,” and the time to focus on growing memberships.

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The Media Minute 12.19.2017

Metrics is one of those words… one of those soulless new media words… Modern.

As the year comes to a close, top editors weigh in on the magazine articles that moved them the most.

With ad fraud scandals and brand safety mishaps hitting the headlines in 2017, the past year has proved turbulent for advertisers, media agencies, and publishers.

Multiple publisher sources said Facebook no longer plans to pay publishers and other video makers to produce videos for the news feed.

The magazine industry collectives may not want us to count ad pages anymore (or even ask about them), but surely they’re still here.

Wouldn’t a luminous crystal ball be great? At least some cool super-powers would be nice.

Ho, ho, ho! If you are a publisher, you are probably due for a very happy New Year. For many of us, 2017 was the year we mastered the art of banging our heads against the wall. After all, any organization that merely touched publishing probably felt a pinch.

Readers have never enjoyed greater access to content and the media industry has never been more competitive.

Marshall R. Loeb, a business journalist who turned a floundering Money magazine into one of the nation’s most successful publications in the 1980s and then led a similar revival at Fortune, died on Saturday in Manhattan.

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The Media Minute 12.12.2017

Events have become a go-to revenue source for publishers, but growing a profitable business is not without its challenges.

If you are a niche publisher contemplating expansion or sale, there are plenty of questions to make you crazy and keep you awake at night.

I think you’re seeing a move-back to print; a move-back to the appreciation that print is restorative; it’s actually information that you take in.

We are wrapping up the year by wrapping up the eighth issue of Digiday magazine, which is part of our premium membership program Digiday+.

Forrester predicts that 2018 will be the year that the display advertising bubble bursts, and that brands will significantly reduce their ad spend.

A new study from the Reuters Institute examines the strengths and weaknesses of seven globally ambitious news companies.

A new digital magazine that aims to take a more analytic, in-depth and participatory approach to investigative journalism in Luxembourg has raised more than €150,000 in crowdfunding ahead of its launch in March 2018.

Bob Love, editor-in-chief of America’s most widely circulated print magazine, on defying stereotypes and growing a 60-year-old brand.

Time national correspondent Charlotte Alter pointed out after Wednesday’s reveal of the most influential person.

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The Media Minute 12.06.2017

Facebook’s ambitions to produce TV-like content has a problem: Creators still aren’t happy with the money they’re making off commercials and sponsorships Facebook sells.

Print sales might be on the rise, but that does not mean publishers are turning their backs on digital content altogether.

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect May 25, 2018.

Earlier this month, when Forrester released their 2018 predictions guide, one prediction in particular piqued marketers’ and advertisers’ interests.

Sometimes niche publishers think about technology as the one thing that will transform their business and boost revenues.

We like to make money. We think there is money in print and more print, and we like to make money and grow profits in digital.

With increased competition, and the growth in internet content and niche media, publications are rethinking their formats, revenue streams and tech tools for engaging readers.

Sunset, a magazine that began as a railroad journal in 1898 to encourage people to travel to the West Coast, was sold Thursday by Time Inc. to private equity firm Regent LP, the companies announced.

When we started working on the annual Ad Age Magazines of the Year package in the fall, there were six large magazine publishers: American Media Inc., Condé Nast, Hearst, Meredith, Rodale and Time Inc.

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The Media Minute 11.28.2017

I’ve worked on countless media kits. Every one of them talks about how well the publisher knows its audience.

Numbers show that consumer attraction to sight, sound and motion is undeniable

Hearst Magazines U.K. CEO James Wildman, who took up the post this April from Trinity Mirror, has a familiar mandate for magazine publisher.

With Black Friday behind us, and the holiday season stretching out ahead, retailers are looking for that seasonal bump in business. So are traditional publishers.

Two-thirds of the world’s digital display advertising (67%) will be traded programmatically by 2019, worth $84.9 billion, according to Publicis Groupe Zenith’s latest report, Programmatic Marketing Forecasts.

With most things, the late, great David Carr was ahead of the curve.

The $3 billion Sunday evening sale of Time Inc., long the king of magazine companies, is stunning for not being stunning.

Texans will not get a say in editorial decisions, says Meredith, as it hails ‘transformative’ deal to merge magazine stables

Adform says ‘Hyphbot’ scheme created fake websites, nonhuman traffic to scam advertisers of more than $500,000 a day

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The Media Minute 11.21.2017

The B2B publishing and information industry, like the greater media ecosystem as we know it, is in the midst of an inexorable, irreversible, and unrelenting period of change.

Magazine publishers typically develop informal rules of thumb to help speed decision making and proposal writing.

When asked about her biggest wins of 2017, Jazmine Hughes, associate editor of New York Times Magazine, listed a couple of expected accomplishments.

In-house services can provide recurring revenue and growth for your business!

With the closure of alternative weeklies in Baltimore and Philadelphia—and the Village Voice’s decision to end print publication after 62 years.

The economic strains of technology on the entire media landscape are intensifying.

On any given day, Time Inc.’s branded content studio, The Foundry, is churning out campaigns for advertisers, to the tune of more than 1,000 over the past two years.

“We’re building a big experiences business. It’s not just that everything is going digital, consumers also want to have real experiences. And we see that as a big business.

Time Inc. is said to be in talks to sell itself to the Meredith Corporation, in a deal backed by Charles G. and David H. Koch, the billionaire brothers known for supporting conservative causes.

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The Media Minute 11.14.2017

This year has seen some seismic shifts in the publishing and advertising industries as major issues such as transparency and brand safety have taken centre stage.

Publishers’ brands are in a state of flux.

The launch of the brand’s newest program comes at a time of recent advertising success.

We now live in a world where publishers offer creative design and content services to their advertisers, and ad/marketing agencies publish custom magazines.

Not too long ago, video was the answer to any question about the future of publishing revenues

It was time to create something that didn’t exist, that conformed to what 2012 was bringing on and what 2017 today has really embraced, which is publishing a high-quality product on the highest-quality paper stock; a quarterly book.

Can an algorithm sift through piles of content to deliver top advertising dollars to top quality journalism?

Amazon is beta testing an application programming interface for Amazon Marketing Services, the part of its ad business that encompasses self-served Amazon ads, including its paid search platform.

To help improve the process of attracting and acquiring new clients, Mirabel Technologies, creator of The Marketing Manager lead identification and marketing automation CRM platform, has developed an integration shortcut that automates the flow of data between its own system and third party applications using Zapier, a leading web integration platform designed for non-technical users.

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The Media Minute 11.07.2017

Using data modelling to boost audience insight and pinpoint those consumers ready to make a purchase can increase value to advertisers.

For the record, I stay up to date on many blogs, threads, and various news chains.

While publishers in the U.S. have “pivoted to video” in droves, those in the U.K. haven’t done so to the same degree, due to a smaller market, fewer VC-backed publishers and comparatively less reliance on Facebook.

Newcomers to publishing produce a pair of high-quality coffee-table books for their customers.

With social media dominating the way readers find and consume content, digital publishers are faced with daunting challenges.

The power of the brand as a whole is a vital component to the health wheel of publishing.

Unsurprisingly, Facebook was top of mind among video publishers at the Digiday Video Anywhere Summit.

Some day, whether in two months or five years from now, you might think about selling your niche media company.

Both Time Inc.’s Food & Wine and Condé Nast’s Bon Appétit think they have the best battle plan, but only one can be better.

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The Media Minute 10.31.2017

Autoplay has become synonymous with publishers putting monetisation ahead of user experience.

Micropayments haven’t delivered on their promise to save the publishing business. But publishers are finding new uses for them in the hunt for new subscribers.

As Google and Facebook gobble up an ever-larger share of the digital advertising pie, subscriptions and other paid content offerings have been pitched as an antidote for publishers’ financial woes.

Chicago – Local Independent Online News Publishers announced a grant of $250,000 that will go toward helping local newsrooms find sustainable business plans using advertising, sponsored content, email newsletters and native advertising.

HUnlike other Medium partners, they’re not paid per clap: “Medium has derisked it for us by providing financial value while creating opportunities for us to establish direct relationships with readers.”ow Medium is attracting premium publishers to its partner program

A four-year-old London startup called Echobox found traction in Europe and is poised to further expand in the U.S. with its AI-assisted social media product.

It’s Monday and the usual fear, terror and loathing has set in. No, it’s not the upcoming sales meeting, it’s Halloween., part of the Cloud Technologies S.A. group, which provides Big Data tools and services for online marketing in over 40 markets, has launched a global report into ad blocking.

Every business needs a purpose. A business without one will eventually fail, and even a well-defined purpose doesn’t guarantee success.

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The Media Minute 10.24.2017

We live in a tumultuous time for print publishing.

Keep reading if… you’d like to know how we use a simple marketing automation to generate sales.

Meredith’s CEO discusses the MPA’s latest campaign, Bauer Publishing wins in court, and other headlines from around the world of magazines.

If readers had any doubt that the digital advertising industry was picking 2017 as the year it finally grew up and became more accountable, less prone to fraud and more focussed on transparency, they need only look at today’s news from IAB UK.

Publishers continue to surrender audience and valuable data to third-party platforms like Facebook, Google, and Snapchat.

The deal is reflective of bigger consolidations in the magazine industry.

Autoplay has become synonymous with publishers putting monetization ahead of user experience.

THE ADVERTISING LANDSCAPE is undergoing its most sweeping transformation in years.

When Sid Evans sits down behind his desk in his office these days, he’s editing for two – two magazines.

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