The Media Minute 8.2.23

Reader Regularity Makes Biggest Impact On Subscriptions, Revenue

It’s not often that a publishing study seems to flip all established logic.

And yet, here we are, with a better way of measuring a news site’s success.

Data from more than a hundred news outlets was collected by the Medill Subscriber Engagement Index from Northwestern University to see what made an impact on subscriptions and revenues. The most important factors weren’t the typically relied upon page-views or time spent on the site, but rather reader regularity.


The Economic Potential Of Generative AI: The Next Productivity Frontier

Generative AI’s impact on productivity could add trillions of dollars in value to the global economy. Our latest research estimates that generative AI could add the equivalent of $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion annually across the 63 use cases we analyzed—by comparison, the United Kingdom’s entire GDP in 2021 was $3.1 trillion. This would increase the impact of all artificial intelligence by 15 to 40 percent. This estimate would roughly double if we include the impact of embedding generative AI into software that is currently used for other tasks beyond those use cases.


65% Of CTV Advertisers Upping Spend In 2023, By Average 23%

A new survey of agency and brand marketers involved in decision-making for connected TV/OTT advertising finds 65% indicating that they’ll increase spending in those media this year, by an average 23%. 


Organic Search Drove 36% Of Overall Website Traffic For 6 Key Industries

From social to email, paid, video and organic marketing, marketers are tasked with staying on top of a growing number of channels that drive traffic, but organic search remains the most cost-effective and impactful channel in the long term, according to the findings. On average, organic search produced 36% of overall website traffic for the six key industries that Conductor analyzed for Organic Industry Benchmarks, an overview of organic SEO traffic and search engine-result page trends across industry websites in 2023.

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