The Media Minute 8.9.22

Developing and leveraging your customer database is vital to digital marketing teams. A growing database of customers means more potential engagement, buying decisions, and more. The information you get from your customers is also incredibly beneficial to guiding your sales and marketing strategies for lead generation. Knowing so much about your customers allows you to properly use those insights to create and adjust strategies. If you need a refresher on how to build and how to leverage your customer database, Mirabel’s Marketing Manager has a few ideas.

“Publishers need to cut through the marketing pitch that adblock wall vendors give them and really listen to what users want,” Marty Krátký-Katz, co-founder & CEO of Blockthrough, suggests. “Users install adblockers to avoid interruptions—and at the very basic level, the pop-up messages triggered by adblock walls are a disruption in the browsing experience. So, as a solution, adblock walls perpetuate the very problem that they intend to solve.”

The biggest winners in the protracted end of granular tracking in Google’s Chrome browser: procrastinators. Barely a week has passed since the announcement that the third-party cookie’s execution has been stayed further and there’s already evidence that ad executives are using it as an excuse to slow down post-cookie preparation plans.  In fairness, it’s sort of understandable. The further away a problem is, the less inclined someone is to tackle it — least of all marketers. Simply put, extended deadlines are an anathema to urgency, as the discourse over Google’s decision makes clear.

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”  You hear that warning a lot when you plan for the future. I know I heard that plenty when I was a publisher helping ad sales teams transition from a print-focus to digital. As far as business expressions go, there are few that I disagree with more than that one. Its dismissing message bears no reality on what I experienced in helping salespeople and advertising teams make the leap to digital ad sales. So let’s dispel this oft-repeated phrase, once and for all.

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