The Media Minute 8.3.22

With spam filters constantly advancing, digital marketers need to know what triggers spam filters in order to increase email deliverability and land in inboxes. That’s only half the battle, though. Email marketers also need to stay on top of subscribers’ behaviors and interests in order to continue getting opened, because engagement (clicks, forwards, and replies) affects deliverability. Both avoiding the spam filter and getting a campaign opened relies heavily on your subject line. It’s the first thing your subscriber sees in their inbox.

The use of algorithms to optimize ad performance has provided tremendous value for digital advertisers over the last decade. Publishers need to demand similar technology to optimize their performance, too. The major benefit of optimization algorithms in content recommendation ads is their ability to analyze thousands of ad-to-content combinations. This enables publishers to run ads that will generate the greatest revenue while providing advertisers the highest conversion rates and users the best experience.

There are two competing narratives on advertising at the moment. They sit uneasily with each other. But both are correct. Ad dollars are being spent, but they’re also being cut. Yes, these two things can be true at the same time. No, the latter perspective doesn’t make the former any less valid or vice versa. Really, it’s a matter of perspective.

At its most basic, an ad sales management program can track all stages of a sale through a customer relationship management (CRM) system. At its best, it’s a proactive tool that ensures work is done efficiently, effectively, and in step with every move that both your team members and your valued clients make. What’s important to remember is that these systems are a means for your business. In this article, we’ll go industry by industry to spotlight not just the systems that are available, but also the traits and capabilities you should look for and count on.

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