The Media Minute 8.17.22

One of the most important factors to consider when formulating your newsletter campaign is the template you choose. The best email newsletters should remain relatively consistent throughout each edition you send, be easy to read, and feature intriguing headlines and visuals. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of our favorite email newsletter templates and explain the advantages that come with each design. By the end, you’ll have a better idea of not just how newsletters can look, but how your company can benefit from implementing specific features that will be most effective for your business and your target audience.

The Topics API is part of a series of browser APIs Google has introduced to Chrome to help ad tech companies adapt to the deprecation of third-party cookies. More precisely, the Topics API is designed to support behavioral targeting approaches, which have historically relied on third-party cookies. Rather than sending identified data (cookies) along the ad tech chain, Topics uses the browsing directly from a device to assign users to categories, known as “topics.” These topics are then exposed directly to ad tech vendors via the API, without ever requiring an identifier to leave the browser. Google Chrome believes this will enhance the privacy of its end users.

For businesses of all kinds, standard operating procedures are at risk. After cookies vanish, the job of monitoring website traffic, collecting user data to improve product and digital experiences, and delivering, measuring and attributing targeted advertisements will be affected… Effectively leveraging first-party data helps ensure strong outcomes for campaigns, user experiences and customer relationships. By successfully utilizing customer insights provided by the customers themselves, marketers are carving out a new competitive advantage for their organizations.

If you work in ad sales and depend on your CRM, some tools are absolutely essential. At the bare minimum, you will want your CRM to integrate with your email account. After all, if you spend all day in Outlook or Gmail, why not take advantage of it? However, there are plenty of other marketing tools out there that a publishing CRM can offer. And just because you aren’t using them now doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be.



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