The Media Minute 8.24.22

In order to maintain deliverability, each campaign needs to be good enough to successfully pass through spam filters, be opened, read, and not marked as spam by your recipients. The best way to achieve this? By only emailing those who’ve opted in to your campaigns and optimizing elements like your sender name, subject lines, and content. For now, let’s specifically look at sender name best practices and optimizations.

Engagement metrics are considerably more valuable for publishers compared to page views and bounce rates. A new whitepaper by Poool looks into the most useful engagement metrics and also provides tips on building engagement backed by examples from a variety of publishers.

Audio is evolving rapidly. Going beyond podcasts, publishers are experimenting with audio articles, live/social audio, flash briefings, and so on. FIPP’s Innovation in Media report rounds up the exciting innovations happening in this area with informative case studies and valuable insights.

When it comes to magazine media and digital publications, reliable software tools are a necessity. From publishing CRM and magazine design, to circulation and subscription management, this ultimate guide to magazine software is an overview of the most popular software tools in the publishing industry.

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