The Media Minute 4.3.24

Finding Your Audience: Content Strategies For 2024 And Beyond

If you’ve followed the Magazine Manager blog at all (or seen our software’s recent updates), you’ll know that marketers embracing AI more and more to meet their needs is an interest of mine, justified by ever-increasing usage metrics in each ensuing study. 

But last month, in discussing the growing demands marketers face to create content, I referenced a specific Neil Patel webinar which deemed that in a climate where “relying on AI to produce your content is a recipe for mediocrity,” content was no longer king. Rather, the webinar says, it’s amazing content that’s increasingly important.

“Relying on” is one extreme on the utilization-spectrum, just as content-production with little-to-no human involvement is extreme in its own right. Unfortunately, in the context of the demands put upon marketers, those extremes aren’t necessarily rare either.


The Human Side Of Generative AI: Creating A Path To Productivity

The number of employees who use generative AI is expected to soar, freeing many to focus on higher-level cognitive work. Can organizations use this moment to make jobs more people centric?


Programmatic Digital Display Ad Spend Will Grow Three Times As Fast As Nonprogrammatic In 2024

This year, US programmatic digital display ad spend will increase 15.9% YoY, growing three times the rate of nonprogrammatic digital display ad spend. … More than 9 in 10 digital display ad dollars will be spent programmatically this year, per our forecast.


Demystifying The Data Layer

In a period defined by increasing privacy regulation, a rapid shift toward digital-centric performance media consumption, and the evolution of technology driven by machine learning and generative AI, the marketing and advertising technology solution stack is undergoing a profound transformation. Central to this transformation is the imperative of establishing a robust data foundation, or data layer, correctly integrated with an architecture designed to enable a myriad of data-driven use cases that represent marketers’ diverse needs for insights, activation, optimization and measurement.

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