The Media Minute 7.14.2021

The average website receives about 1,000 new visitors per month. That’s 1,000 potential new leads, prospects, and blog subscribers. But what happens when these visitors leave your website without filling out a contact form?  How do you engage with them without a phone number, email, or even a name? This is where website visitor tracking comes in. It gives you a huge advantage in generating leads.

Global advertising spend is on course for 12.6% growth this year to reach US$665bn, an upgrade from 6.7% initially projected, reports WARC, the international intelligence service. Further growth, of 8.2%, is forecast for 2022…

When Google’s postponement of their third-party cookie policy changes rolled in, it’s fair to say the entire digital ecosystem took a collective sigh of relief. While the change could represent a temporary reprieve for some, publishers and marketers should not take the extended deadline — a gift — for granted by postponing much needed work to their data collection strategies.

According to one report, 43% of CRM users use less than half of the features that their CRM offers …  and I’d say that number is conservative. And no matter if that comes down to difficulty in understanding the system or ignorance as to all its capabilities, it’s an issue worth addressing if only because there’s so much potential on the other side.

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