The Media Minute 7.8.2021

Digital marketers are always looking for new and innovative ways to streamline and develop strategies that are efficient and effective. Marketing automation software allows teams to work in real time and track progress through thoughtful automated workflows that nurture leads. (Post: Mirabel’s Marketing Manager)

A recent press release that landed squarely on the newsdesk of What’s New in Publishing confirmed what many magazine insiders already know – namely, magazine back issues are a fertile source of revenue for publishers willing to make them easily available. (Post: WNIP)

The July 4 holiday weekend will mark the end of working from home for some media employees — though many of their employers are expecting them to officially settle back into an in-person office in September. (Post: Digiday)

Ideally, a CRM should complete and streamline tasks in the natural environment you’re already comfortable working in, then have the fruits of that labor appear in the shared system for all team members to access. When it comes to your long-term plans and day-to-day sanity, you can’t leave that connectivity (or lack thereof) to chance. (Post: The Magazine Manager)


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