The Media Minute 3.15.23

With so much made of Google and Meta’s stranglehold on digital advertising spend nowadays, anyone who isn’t a media professional or lawmaker could be forgiven for momentarily forgetting about what might be considered the duopoly’s original sin in their relationship with the publishing industry.

Media workers fear that AI could replace them, according to a study by Of the media employees polled, 52% worry that AI will make their profession redundant. In contrast, 35% of all Americans have the same concern. 

PQ Media’s unrivaled coverage of the global media economy provides you with media spending and growth pacing for 2023 and our expert insights and forecasts for what’s ahead in 2024-2027, including in-depth coverage of both the advertising and marketing sectors; 15 hybrid traditional & digital media silos; 10 overall digital & alternative media platforms; 45 digital & alternative media channels therein; and 11 traditional media platforms.

In a perfect marketing world, we would know exactly what levers we have to pull to drive growth. In reality, many of us are still having a hard time coming up with the perfect marketing mix required to hit our targets while keeping acquisition costs low.

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