The Media Minute 3.22.23

Who says young people aren’t paying for news? According to a new report from the American Press Institute, 60% of Americans under the age of 40 are paying for or donating to news in some capacity, including 51% of Gen Z (ages 16-24), 63% of younger Millennials (25-31), and 67% of older Millennials (32-40).

Cost is the most important factor when consumers are deciding when they are more or less likely to pay for an online subscription, according to new research shared exclusively with Press Gazette. Over a third (39%) of Britons and 42% of Americans reported being tempted by a lower paywall price.

There are many buzzwords flying around in the digital subscriptions industry. “Conversions” is a particularly common one. But do conversions automatically equal more revenue? No, not really, according to Alexander Kreybig, director of strategic services at Piano. 

With 74% of customers feeling frustrated when website content isn’t customized, it’s clear that personalization is a crucial aspect of digital publishing that can’t be overlooked.  With today’s generations expecting relevant content from their experiences, it’s down to publishers to employ personalization tactics that increase engagement and drive business success.

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