The Media Minute 3.8.23

I’ve written about ChatGPT on the Magazine Manager blog before, specifically on how it compares to and might ultimately surpass Google in terms of Search. Now, a new survey asked American adults how they feel about AI-generated content, and across a wide spectrum of media, more than half of the respondents prefer their content made by humans.

There has been much discussion around search engine optimization (SEO) professionals creating content from ChatGPT-type models, but who is planning to use this? Some 58% of enterprise marketers plan to use artificial intelligence (AI) for SEO and to create content in 2023, but only 10% actively use it today to drive content generation, according to data from BrightEdge.

A recent consumer survey by Vericast validated a paradox about personal data that puts marketers in a tough spot. When it comes to digital advertising, consumers want a custom experience – but not at the expense of privacy. The survey found that consumers want to see targeted ads, but they also want to understand how advertisers use the information they collect. 

Newsletters are having a moment: this year’s Reuters Institute Predictions report showed that almost 70% of publishers saw newsletters as an area for investment. According to WAN-IFRA, 50% of publishers already offer between one and five newsletters, with the other 50% offering more. For publishers looking to expand their lineup, Twipe’s Matthew Lynes has three suggestions for additional newsletter formats.

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