The Media Minute 3.1.23

The tech world has seen its fair share of Greatest Battles of All Time. But there’s one currently brewing that has captured the attention of industry after industry, with the rewards and consequences having effects on countless aspects of everyday life. It’s Google versus ChatGPT — and the hype is legit!


One of the first interviews I did for the Media Voices podcast this year was with Richard Reeves, CEO at the UK’s Association for Online Publishers. We spoke for almost half an hour about diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the UK media. The irony of two white men of a certain age discussing the importance of D&I didn’t escape me and I prefaced the interview with a statement saying exactly that.


Marketing fatigue happens when consumers become overwhelmed or disengaged with marketing messages due to the volume or repetition of advertising. It is the feeling of being bombarded with too much marketing content that is often irrelevant or uninteresting, leading to a decrease in response rates or engagement.  


This report digs deep into what US consumers specifically expect from your brand as they look to make decisions with their wallet. The data covers attitudes and trends across email, SMS, mobile behavior, loyalty, privacy, cookies and so much more.

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