The Media Minute 11.07.2017

Using data modelling to boost audience insight and pinpoint those consumers ready to make a purchase can increase value to advertisers.

For the record, I stay up to date on many blogs, threads, and various news chains.

While publishers in the U.S. have “pivoted to video” in droves, those in the U.K. haven’t done so to the same degree, due to a smaller market, fewer VC-backed publishers and comparatively less reliance on Facebook.

Newcomers to publishing produce a pair of high-quality coffee-table books for their customers.

With social media dominating the way readers find and consume content, digital publishers are faced with daunting challenges.

The power of the brand as a whole is a vital component to the health wheel of publishing.

Unsurprisingly, Facebook was top of mind among video publishers at the Digiday Video Anywhere Summit.

Some day, whether in two months or five years from now, you might think about selling your niche media company.

Both Time Inc.’s Food & Wine and Condé Nast’s Bon Appétit think they have the best battle plan, but only one can be better.

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