The Media Minute 10.4.23

Subscriptions See Boost When Audiences Are Involved With Engaged Journalism (New Study)

It’s not just lip service to say that successful publishers listen to their audiences. That input can obviously lead to a better overall product, but, as recent research has also found, it can help boost subscriptions as well.

That’s the latest from two researchers investigating “engaged journalism as a strategy for affecting news organizations’ revenue streams and improving news audience evaluations.” 


The 2024 State of CRM Report

The ability to track individual customer interactions and analyze that data is a game-changer, especially in an age where customers crave a personalized experience. This sort of data-driven approach to business relationships is still relatively new, though. In just the last few years alone, CRM has evolved far beyond being just a tool for contact management. 

The Price Of Privacy: Shoppers Are Willing To Trade Data For AI Deals

Consumers may be concerned about artificial intelligence (AI) and their personal privacy. But they are not quite as concerned when bargains [are] on the table. For instance, 87% of consumers will trade personal data for savings, according to U.S. Consumer Perceptions of AI in Retail and Ecommerce, a study by UserTesting, conducted by OnePoll. Moreover, 73% of consumers believe AI enhances their shopper experience, and an equal number say it saves them time. This is true despite the finding that 72% of consumers are concerned about privacy when interacting with AI. 

When It Comes To Where Ads Show Up, Marketers And Consumers Have Different Preferences
Marketers and the people they want to reach aren’t exactly seeing eye to eye when it comes to where ads show up, according to Kantar’s latest Media Reactions report. The study is based on research conducted among about 16,000 consumers and 900 senior marketers around the world. This year, it revealed a “significant contrast” between the ad channels and platforms preferred by marketers and those favored by consumers, according to Kantar.

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