The Media Minute 10.11.23

Getting With The Program: Programmatic Advertising In A Cookieless World

At some point, the necessity of having a cookie alternative will hit advertisers of all industries. If the latest numbers from 33Across are any indication, the impact of that hit may surprise and even broadside most.

In looking at the programmatic transactions on its exchange, 33Across found that most still use cookies during the process. And while most industries are incorporating alternatives somewhat — for instance, retailers have increased their non-cookie inventory investments by 77% — only insurance has a sizable start in embracing the cookieless future, with only half of its buys coming from cookies.


Deals Drive US Adults To Sign Up For Subscription Services

43% of US adults say discounts are the main reason they sign up for subscription services, per May data from SurveyMonkey. The most popular category of subscriptions among all consumers is digital media, followed by delivery services, gaming, and food and groceries, according to SurveyMonkey.


New Wave DM: Direct Mail Now Seen As Part Of Omnichannel Strategy

It’s time to look in on email’s sister medium — the one fondly known as junk mail and snail mail: direct mail. It has a lustrous heritage, having been sent in one form or another since colonial times. But now it is being seen as a performance-marketing channel in the modern sense, according to Delivering Performance: Direct Mail In The United States 2023, a study by Winterberry Group, presented by the U.S. Postal Service.

Instagram Forecast To Hit $71bn Revenue By 2024

Instagram is set to recover faster than other social media rivals following Apple’s ATT and a wider weakening of the digital ad market to reach $71bn by 2024, as consumers and brands look to the image-sharing site’s social commerce future.

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