The Media Minute 10.30.2018

The publishing industry has been totally transformed in the past decade. In 2008, the rise of online media was simply considered an “emerging threat” to the print media industry by the UK’s TV and radio services regulator Ofcom.

Data, data, it’s all about the data. Or is it?  We are here to tell you that chasing data could be a waste of your valuable time. Think about it–does all that data really matter in the niche world of targeted, hyper interested audiences? Sure data analysis is necessary, but without first creating strong content and the right context, it can be pretty meaningless.

“Bottom line: The decline in referrals to publishers from Facebook is not universal, and in the face of those declines, other sources of traffic are more important than ever.”

When I started this blog a decade ago this month, the Get Rich By Blogging Hype Machine was just getting revved up. Within a few years, pundits declared that blogging is dead, just as they had declared that “Print is dead” a few years earlier. (Both media have shown an annoying tendency to flash a giant middle finger at the pundits, adapting rather than extincting.)

In response to the popularity of her Parade cover last year, AMG/Parade is teaming up with the Shark Tank “Shark” to launch a new lifestyle publication, Inspire by Lori Greiner.

Since launching seven years ago, Buro24/7’s publishing proposition has focused on connecting the world’s most desirable brands with the most sought-after demographic – the affluent millennial – or as I like to call them, the ‘re-inventors of luxury’.

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