The Media Minute 11.06.2018

Single or even double income-stream publishing is increasingly a thing of the past. The search for sustainable revenues has taken many media organizations way beyond advertising or newsstand sales into a seemingly infinite array of money-making schemes.

Do you ever analyze your annual live event through a digital lens? You might be leaving some revenue on the table. There’s podcasts, webcasts, app contests, even online learning opportunities. We consulted digital sales expert and event veteran Ryan Dohrn to share some advice on event management and driving event digital revenue. Read on to learn more!.

Since launching seven years ago, Buro24/7’s publishing proposition has focused on connecting the world’s most desirable brands with the most sought-after demographic – the affluent millennial – or as I like to call them, the ‘re-inventors of luxury’.

Publishers like newsletter subscribers because email is habit-forming, delivered directly to its audience and getting easier to monetize.But the things that make email an attractive channel to publishers also make it a difficult place to re-engage readers. The tricks that might pull straying readers back toward another digital property, such as targeting them with ads on social platforms, are either ineffective, inefficient or unavailable as options for wayward newsletter subscribers.

Following a recent transition of leadership, with the appointments of Stephanie Mehta to editor-in-chief this past February and Amanda Smith to VP, publisher in April 2017, the focus of Fast Company is leaning towards innovation, both in the coverage of the topic and the implementation of inventive practices across its platforms.

How can niche publishers grow their business in these turbulent times? Specialist publishers gathered at the PPA Independent Publisher Conference in London on 2 November, to hear from pioneering brands like The Lawyer, Rock Sound and The Drum about how to reinvent their business and develop new revenue streams.

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