The Media Minute 11.13.2018

Publishing is packed with growth opportunities — targeted channels, content marketing, lead generation, marketing services, live events and more. So how do you determine the right revenue strategies for your own unique niche brand?

When you visit Scroll for the first time, the message above is softly hammered in. Before you can reach the main content, you have to click or tap, one word at a time, to properly absorb the entire sentence before you are greeted with…

Major U.S. publishers got a big surprise last week when they learned there might be only one printer able to produce their magazines and catalogs. With the blockbuster announcement that the country’s largest publication printer, Quad/Graphics, has a deal to acquire the number two printer, LSC Communications, publishers are going to encounter a less competitive market, and therefore, the likelihood of higher prices for magazine printing and shipping.

People are increasingly willing to pay for the news they consume digitally, at least content produced by reputed publishers. As users sign up for these new services, publishers are seeing benefits in partnering with other companies to offer a wider range of content. The idea is to make their offer more enticing and boost subscriber growth, as well as establish new revenue streams.

Edward Felsenthal is keeping his title of editor in chief of Time and adding the title of chief executive officer as the magazine moves into the hands of billionaire Marc Benioff.

News publishers have had an on-again, off-again relationship with personalization. But for USA Today Network, it is very much on, thanks in part to the targeting and taxonomy infrastructure it’s built to target ads.

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