The Media Minute 08.27.2019

‘Pivot-to-video’ ended up hurting quite a few publishers but many continue to bet on the format. They range from global publishers like Conde Nast to region-specific ones like the Argentinian company Editora Perfil.

“It is important that journalists take the time to fully explain the issue and the response before exploring implementation, results, and insights.”

Events are likely one of the biggest revenue drivers (and if they’re not, they should be!) Everyone knows, the more people you get to your event – the BIGGER the revenue it delivers.

Journalism is, at its heart, about asking questions. And since the dawn of reporting, when civic-minded locals in ancient Rome circulated news sheets about important daily events, one question has been elevated above all others: Does this serve the public interest?

“We realized that it is time to retire MSDN Magazine and to carry on its work through web channels like”

We’re living in challenging times for digital publishers. While the Facebook-Google duopoly continues to grab an ever-increasing share of digital advertising budgets, a growing segment of consumers are turning to adblockers to opt out of ads completely.


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