The Media Minute 08.20.2019

While magazines continue to scramble for new revenue streams, events are proving that they can tick off multiple boxes.

A little over a year ago, I wrote an article here outlining the latest trends and advancements in our newspaper industry. At that time, I went into the assignment eyes wide open and full of enthusiasm,

If you’re a magazine publisher chances are you are constantly coming up with creative ways to make additional revenue.

Every publisher wants to connect with their readers in a meaningful, impactful way. Tom Bengtson shares how his publication is doing just that AND making more revenue to boot.

Folks, it happened: The key to sustainable local news has been discovered. And it involves making money.

We’re living in challenging times for digital publishers. While the Facebook-Google duopoly continues to grab an ever-increasing share of digital advertising budgets, a growing segment of consumers are turning to adblockers to opt out of ads completely.

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