The Media Minute 07.04.2017

Niche CEOs in both B2B and B2C gathered at the Niche CEO Summit in Washington DC last week to talk about how to transform their current revenue models.

More magazine brands are producing video as audience rates grow across various platforms.

Standing out on distributed platforms presents a branding challenge for publishers.

Condé Nast Britain Digital is launching Stories, a newly titled branded content studio.

Raab Associates recently took an informal census of vendors using artificial intelligence for marketing or customer management.

Conventional wisdom would tell you that in the magazine space, print is on the wane; advertisers are shifting their budgets to digital media.

The Amazon Echo Show, the $230 audio and video device launched in early May, is years away from being a niche product.

At the beginning of June, The Pioneer Woman Magazine debuted at Wal-Mart, the retailer where Ree Drummond, who is the “Pioneer Woman” has her line of cookware, dinnerware and home products sold.

Can everyday people change the world? Or do you have to be a business leader, media figure, or celebrity?

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