The Media Minute 06.28.2017

Like sands through the hourglass, a time-tested ethos becomes a hashtag, and a thirty-year-old magazine is reborn.

Online sports publisher GiveMeSport prides itself on how quickly it can adapt to Facebook’s algorithm changes.

Among magazine-media pundits, there’s been a sort of unannounced contest to see who can find the most ridiculously low-priced subscription offer.

Two weeks ago, Mashable published its first e-commerce post. Instead of promoting a gadget or clothing, this post offered readers a subscription to Disconnect, a VPN and ad-tracking blocker.

One of the world’s biggest health and wellness media companies has vaulted spryly on to the auction block.

Advertisers will pull or pause campaigns amid backlash over ads appearing next to inappropriate content, says Group M

Also, I love, but just can’t compete with, in some instances, Essence and Black Enterprise and Ebony.

Condé Nast’s ecommerce platform has shut up shop and been absorbed by Farfetch.

For magazine publishers, know it or not, it is one of the most consequential professional trade organizations in the world.


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