The Media Minute 06.25.2019

Licensing can be a source of substantial revenues for publishers. Several publishers have created a sustained revenue stream by entering into licensing relationships with manufacturers and retailers, and extending their brands across a variety of products.

Memberships are hot. And not just in publishing. According to an analysis of Google Trends data, memberships are 33% more popular today than they were just two years ago.

Successful businesses know their customers. Customers’ tastes and preferences dictate the direction of the business in more ways than one. However, many businesses may unintentionally stray away from the requests of their customers simply because they have difficulty in organizing, analyzing and acting on the data customers provide.

Email newsletters are one of the best tools you have at your disposal, but many publications just don’t recognize their potential. Newsletters are one of the top ways to keep your audience engaged with your brand. They drive attention to your website, your social pages, and your legacy platforms. In fact, newsletter readers spend 80% more time on your site.

Who said there’s no money in journalism? Sure, maybe the old ad model is decaying, and maybe hundreds of newspapers are on death watch — but the work-chat app Slack has been able to build a multi-billion-dollar business at least in some tiny part based on its remarkable uptake in newsrooms around the world.

There’s an old Spanish saying – “the belly rules the mind” which is why you have so many business luncheons and corporate dinners! The restaurant business is all about making people happy.


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