The Media Minute 07.02.2019

My grandparents love to reminisce about the days before the television where everyone would attentively gather around the stereo and listen to a show host entertain through storytelling.

Sales. Selling. Not for everybody. Thick skin required. Every sales rep has their tricks – the little things they do that gives them an edge over others. But the big secret may actually be time, or more specifically, time to close. The faster you can get a yes, the higher your output, and the more money you make.

When it comes to improving profits at print magazines, there’s a tendency to focus on new ways of driving revenue. But while keeping a close eye on expenses can also have a significant impact on the bottom line, today’s environment often calls for a balancing act.

Local TV is trusted and is still the preferred method of getting news (thanks mostly to people 50 and up). But viewership for local TV news continues to decline, according to research released by Pew this week.

With its headquarters in California and sales office in New York, WowYow sits at the intersection of media, advertising and technology.

Media companies are increasingly turning to subscriptions and membership products to rely more on readers and less on advertising revenue.

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