The Media Minute 07.09.2019

On average, people read ten online reviews before trusting a business. What if you don’t have ten reviews or those ten reviews aren’t the best? How can you get more?

Today we’ve got another Million Dollar Idea for you from our most recent CEO Summit in Denver. Kevin VanGundy shared his tips for focusing your revenue growth strategy no matter the size of your publication.

How often do you hear the line “I’m your regular/loyal reader”, after meeting someone and saying that you work for a certain newspaper? Probably a lot, right?

When it comes to content, The Economist takes the view that value trumps volume, a view that extends to its email newsletters.  That’s why it has honed design and content changes to its two flagship newsletters so they act as standalone editorial products that suit the readers’ needs, rather than launching additional email newsletters.

Many legacy publishers are struggling for the same reasons that traditional, non-digitally native retailers did when DTC brands like Bonobos, Casper, and Warby Parker emerged.

This didn’t take a ton of capital. It just took a lot of willingness on the part of a lot of different folks to collectively figure out what we should do, where are the gaps, and how we can fill them.

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