The Media Minute 07.16.2019

When it comes to supporting content, Facebook is the do-it-all platform. From pictures to videos to external links— you can count on Facebook. Before going through some techniques to make your Facebook page stand out, let’s go over some basic terminology of the platform that I’ll use in describing the best practices.

It can be tempting to give in to the summer ad sales slump. It happens with a lot of companies because advertisers go dark as they’re out on vacation or busy with their kids.

The past few years have seen the launch of several news rating services that measure the trustworthiness of news organizations. They have grown amidst increasing concerns over fake news negatively affecting trust levels in news media.

As Prime Day continues to expand — the shopping extravaganza will last 48 hours this year, up from 36 hours last year and 30 hours the year before that — publishers continue to devote more energy to it.

Millennials are forcing marketers to rethink the way they promote products and services. Content marketing speaks to them the best.

While we celebrated our nation’s 243rd year of independence last week, many also mourned the death of a nearly 70-year-old American institution—Mad magazine.

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