The Media Minute 06.18.2019

For publishers and newsrooms, figuring out how to stay trustworthy, respect your readers and preserve integrity, yet manage to earn enough money to keep the business afloat – remains a great challenge.

Software mogul, golf equipment manufacturer, movie-streaming service, mattress maker, actress, social media behemoth: It seems everyone wants to get into the magazine-publishing business these days. Everyone, that is, except for “real” magazine-media publishers.

As adoption rates continue to increase, so do the number of effective strategies for audio platforms.

I often encounter advertisers who think digital advertising is less expensive than print. Then I spend some time explaining how it’s not an “either-or” mindset.

Welcome to the Digiday Cannes Briefing. Each morning this week, we will bring you the highlights, lowlights and oddities of the Cannes Lions. The Digiday version of the Cannes lion will make his own journey.

There was a huge decrease in gaming industry TV ad spend from April to May, down to an estimated $9.3 million from the previous $29.4 million. Nintendo led with 45.6% of spend, while previous chart-topper PlayStation had 26.8%.

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