The Media Minute 06.11.2019

If you were to travel back in time about a half decade and inform news publishers that, within a few short years, they’d be pouring significant resources into growing their email newsletters, many wouldn’t believe you.

Migrating to a new email service provider (ESP) can be one of the most tedious, frustrating, and unappealing pursuits a publisher or email marketer can undertake.

Media companies have figured out that in order to sustain a healthy business model, it’s all about distributing their unique, niched-out content through various channels.

We have reached a point at which paid subscription growth, for many media companies, feels unattainable. I both vehemently disagree and, sadly, agree.

Years ago, a great portion of readers sought out newspapers because they were filled with coupons, job listings and apartment ads. Now, a majority of readers are searching online for those needs.

While some influencers, publishers and brands have access to a feature where users can swipe-up on snaps to buy products directly within the app, this new tool allows select accounts to have a store within Snapchat.


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