The Media Minute 06.03.2019

Germany’s biggest publishing houses including, Axel Springer, Funke Mediengruppe, RTL Groupe and Gruner+Jahr have come together to form an advertising alliance, reports Digiday.

For the longest time I resisted calling website visitors anything but readers. After decades as an editor and publisher, I pushed back on calling them “users.” I still don’t like the sound of it, but resistance is futile.

A slew of publishers, both new and established, are investing in print magazine launches. We asked three of them why.

Years ago, a great portion of readers sought out newspapers because they were filled with coupons, job listings and apartment ads. Now, a majority of readers are searching online for those needs.

Five years ago, Time Out Group launched a Time Out-branded food hall in Lisbon, Portugal to further diversify away from advertising revenue. Starting this month and through the rest of 2019, the events and culture news publisher will be putting that market concept at the center of its business.

Social media teams who focus on content and content distribution have found themselves a little stymied by Instagram, at least if our data is any indication.

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