The Media Minute 05.28.2019

In recent years an increasing number of publishers have been focusing on driving revenue from subscriptions. The most recent one to make the plunge being Quartz which recently announced that it would be putting up a paywall.

Hey Niche Publishers! Who would like to add $378K to their annual revenue?
Rachel Winner-Eberhardt, Advertising Director of Pittsburgh Magazine, posed just this question to attendees at our Super Niche event in Nashville in March. She shared tips on how her magazine maximizes their digital space. (These ideas can easily work for B2B and Associations too.)

If you ask an Amazon Echo how to monetize a voice assistant or smart speaker, it will tell you, “Sorry, I don’t know that one.” Many publishers are in the same boat.

DTC marketers, looking for a more diversified marketing mix, are focusing on direct mail. But for these digitally native brands that have grown up on a diet of Instagram and Facebook, adjusting to a medium with far fewer analytics is proving to be difficult.

It’s hard to go a month these days without seeing yet another report decrying the lack of trust readers have in everyday journalism.
There is no question that the relationship between journalists and the public is on shaky ground.

Walmart has released two very affordable 8 and 10 inch Android tablets, which fall under Walmart’s consumer electronics private brand, Onn. The new tablets rolled out in stores last week and will be available soon on

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