The Media Minute 05.21.2019

Events are one of the many sources of revenue that publishers can tap to create a sustainable business. John Wilpers, Senior Director of Innovation Media Consulting writes in the FIPP Innovation in Media 2019-2020 World Report that most publishers have almost everything required to run a successful event.

Decades of historical precedent suggest that, now that the shortages and price increases of 2018 have ended, publishers should soon benefit from lower paper costs. But don’t hold your breath waiting for history to repeat itself.

Are you being as assertive as you need to be on sales calls? Hmmm, do any of these approaches sound familiar?

“Did you get the media kit?”
“Hi, I’m just calling to check in……”
“Is this a good time to talk?”

Traditional TV viewership may be in decline, but TV ad dollars are not necessarily going away. TV remains a pretty efficient way for advertisers to reach a lot of people.

Meredith Corp. execs touted what they saw as encouraging signs for both print and digital advertising as well as a significant uptick in consumer-driven revenue on an earnings call Friday reporting the company’s performance in the third quarter of 2019 (Meredith’s fiscal years start in July and end in June).

With layoffs, bankruptcies, and fire sales emanating from the digital publishing industry on an almost daily basis, there’s constant debate about whether online media outlets deserve the blame for being out-maneuvered by the tech platforms that destroyed their business models.

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