The Media Minute 02.13.2019

Collaboration in the magazine and news media industries has hit a high point this year, internally and externally, across regions and borders.

At the Niche CEO Summit a few months ago, niche publishers gathered from all over the country to share best practices and new creative strategies.

Last month, I talked about factors marketers should consider for attribution rules.

News that Condé Nast intends to implement some form of a paywall on every brand in its digital media portfolio—which attracts more than 100 million total unique visitors each month—was quickly supplanted in the media-news cycle last week by ensuing bloodbaths at Buzzfeed and HuffPost, two of the internet’s most prolific purveyors of free content, as well as the century-old newspaper publisher Gannett, about as “legacy” as legacy media gets.

Packaged goods are typically the biggest spenders in advertising. Not only is a CPG (FMCG in the UK) company’s brand and product mix massive, but the competitive threats from e-commerce and direct-to-consumer brands are significant and growing.

Renault said Wednesday that its board has decided not to pay out the equivalent of two years of salary to ex-CEO Carlos Ghosn which would have been due to him under a non-compete clause in his contract.

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