The Media Minute 01.29.2019

As well as having the necessary business acumen, publishers and editors must be passionate about their titles. Mary Hogarth explores key strategies for a sustainable magazine.

Native has been a standard practice in digital advertising ever since it eclipsed the awkward banner ad, after readers migrated from desktop to mobile in the early 2010s.

Publishers seeking to grow commerce revenue are increasingly looking to influencers, not just as sources of marketing and distribution, but as creative partners as well.

From examining the tools needed to capitalize on the subscription boon to exploring how publishers might adapt to voice-driven web experiences, we covered digital media technology from a lot of angles in 2018. Below is a rundown of the top technology posts we published in 2018 from the standpoint of what saw the most audience engagement and what stories best tell how technology shaped the media business this year. Enjoy.

In 2019, as Fortune looks to diversify its revenue, it will cast its lines for many different kinds of fish.
Armed with new funds promised by Thai businessman Chatchaval Jiaravanon, who recently acquired Fortune from Meredith for $150 million, the business publication will be developing several paid products at both consumer and professional price points, Fortune CEO and president Alan Murray said.

In a year dominated by headline-grabbing failures from Facebook, many news and magazine brands have learned the hard way that third-party platforms ultimately only have their own interests at heart.

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