The Media Minute 02.26.2019

A new report by Integral Ad Science has found a significant gap between this year’s buy and sell-side priorities: most brands (83.3%) and over half of agencies (54.6%) want consistent measurement, yet only 43.8% of publishers agree.

The next installment of our Million Dollar Idea series comes from niche publisher Jeff Peterson of Peterson Publications.

As publishers maneuver through the challenges posed by digitization, many are building on their strengths and brand value to evolve in new directions.

“It’s that newspapers and outlets are being decimated and dismantled by hedge funds, venture capitalists, and tech companies in search of profit. In short,

Last year, Apple News brimmed with promise for publishers, offering an engaged, high-quality audience that seemed to do nothing but grow.

After buying The Washington Post in 2013, Jeffrey P. Bezos visited the newsroom and answered questions from employees in a town-hall-style meeting.

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