The Media Minute 3.9.22

Opt-in email marketing is the method of sending marketing materials, including newsletters, to a digital list of leads who specifically subscribed to your brand’s content via a form on your website. This blog talks about why an opt-in email marketing strategy may be the best fit for your brand. It will teach you how to build your own opt-in marketing list and explain how a newsletter can drive readership and revenue.

Newsletters can be a valuable vehicle for audience development — and a pathway to getting readers to pay for a subscription — especially for publishers that want to reach readers beyond the U.S. with global news in a direct way through their inbox.

A new report from the International Press Institute (IPI) takes an in-depth look into how local news publishers outside the US and Western Europe are innovating to serve their readers, overcome challenges and thrive. “Local media has been the most disrupted sector of the news media,” writes Jacqui Park, author of the report, Local Media Survival Guide 2022. “It had to rethink all aspects of the business model.”

According to one report, 43% of CRM users use less than half of the features that their CRM offers …  and I’d say that number is conservative. And no matter if that comes down to difficulty in understanding the system or ignorance as to all its capabilities, it’s an issue worth addressing if only because there’s so much potential on the other side.

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