The Media Minute 3.17.22

The goal of a landing page is to increase lead generation and optimize conversion rates. While other web pages on your site prompt visitors to click around, a landing page guides visitors to a specific content offer. Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of landing pages.

Any time a buyer has to sacrifice quality to meet a big-budget spending constraint, that buyer is in a lemon market and should exit until that hard reality trade-off can be overcome. It’s a critique often levied at the state of online advertising. And for good reason: the further out media buyers go into the online ad market to buy publisher inventory the more low-quality inventory they end up buying. But as long as ad tech vendors can deal with that inventory, media buyers don’t have to (i.e incorporate that trade-off cost into ROI) and the money keeps flowing.

What was once supposed to be a golden opportunity to reach and connect millions of people all over the world has soured, with the biggest platforms now being accused of threatening the very fabric of society and democracy. As more and more issues have surfaced, brands are getting twitchy. From ad boycotts to deleting brand accounts, some feel it is better not to be associated with social media at all. So, is this something publishers should also be seriously thinking about?

Programmatic advertising, at its most basic, provides a variety of ways to automate the proactive efforts mentioned above. With that automation, opportunities abound to provide advertisers, publishers, and audiences only those quality ads that make sense. And with that quality comes ample opportunity for all to profit.

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