The Media Minute 3.23.22

When considering email marketing as an outreach tactic, it’s important to understand the rules and regulations that can turn your company’s innocent approach into a legal nightmare. Let’s start by exploring the different components of an average user’s email inbox.

As subscription revenue becomes increasingly vital to news publishers, how best to inspire readers to sign on to the value proposition is at top-of-mind. There’s no singular answer, no magic bullet, and no one-size-fits-all approach, but publishers are getting creative with their subscription appeals, and readers are responding.

More publishers than ever before are using data to grow traffic and revenue. However, more data does not equal better results. A new report by paywall solutions company Piano explores the challenges faced by businesses banking on data for growth. It also presents insights on how companies can collect and use data more effectively.

In publishing, the addition of digital advertising has opened a new world of revenue opportunities as well as many challenges. And the technological transition has brought with it opportunities for publishers that did not exist as publishers gain the ability to sell advertising inventory across the entire internet. It’s a challenge for many sales reps to understand how digital advertising works so they can take advantage of these opportunities.

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