The Media Minute 3.30.22

According to modern business strategists and marketing experts, content marketing is the key to success in this increasingly digital age of Internet, e-commerce, and social media. But what exactly is content marketing and why is it such a valuable tool for your brand? This article will explore the definition of content marketing, its benefits, and show some examples of the various ways that brands are utilizing content marketing throughout different industries.

Many news outlets have historically dropped paywalls (or elements of them) for emergencies, breaking news stories or major events. In keeping with this, multiple publishers did the same thing with COVID-related content, including outlets with historically firm paywalls, like the Financial Times. It wasn’t a move that everyone agreed with, and as the crisis continued, some publishers – like McClatchy in the U.S. – decided to reinstate their full paywalls.

Common sense says your customers’ digital experiences are closely tied to overall customer satisfaction. But new metrics can now show the effect of a substandard digital experience on the bottom line.

Publishers, even if your business starts morphing into the “annoying agency,” there are still some strategies that may be worth considering. Regardless of your talent, salesmanship, and entrepreneurial skill set, you may find some of these survival skills are worth further cultivating.

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