The Media Minute 3.6.24

Safe Ad Spaces: Consumers More Trusting Of Brands Around Appropriate Content

A recent study on brand safety and the content consumers consider unsafe is also shedding light on brand support of journalism and misinformation.

Integral Ad Science’s “The State of Brand Safety” found that four out of every five consumers (82%) believe content surrounding online ads should be appropriate, while 69% say the amount of inappropriate content (from hate speech and explicit content to misinformation and spam) has increased in the last year.

And when brands advertise near inappropriate content, consumers notice; 71% of consumers have less favorable feelings towards those brands, 70% say they trust the brands less, and 51% are likely to stop using the products or services.


The Impact of Loyalty Programs in the Apparel Industry

For brands considering how to retain customers and cut through all the noise, a well-structured loyalty program can be the difference between a one-time purchase and a tried-and-true raving fan. ebbo’s 2024 Apparel Loyalty Programs Data Study takes a closer look at the impact of loyalty programs on the apparel vertical, from strategic and successful wins to untapped areas of opportunity, to give you insights to help you boost your apparel brand’s bottom line.


Cookie Deprecation Won’t Change Advertisers’ Preferred Transaction Methods

A lot will change when third-party cookies are deprecated in Chrome, but some general programmatic ad spending patterns will stay the same. Programmatic direct will remain the most popular transaction method, while mobile will keep its sizable lead over other device categories.


Claude 3 Is The First To Match ChatGPT-4

Anthropic just released Claude 3, and it’s the first chatbot as good as ChatGPT-4 (Gemini Ultra still lags both). … We’re not saying ditch ChatGPT — instead, compare the tools to find which best suits your needs (we plan to use both). OpenAI might be sitting on a big ChatGPT upgrade, and now would be a good time to release it.

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