The Media Minute 2.21.24

Ad Placement, Yield, And Access To Consumer Data Lead Publisher Concerns For 2024

The postmortem on 2023 has shown positive gains and reason for 2024 optimism for advertisers.

For its annual Industry Pulse Report, Integral Ad Science asked brands and agencies on the buy-side as well as publishers about the challenges they expect even with those rosier forecasts. Both said that the biggest media challenge they expect in the next 12 months was ads delivering alongside risky content.


Email With A Caveat: Consumers Prefer It, But Heartily Dislike Spam

Consumers love their email, judging by Email And The Customer Experience, a recent study by Sinch Mailgun. Among the individuals polled, 75.4% say email is their preferred channel for promotional messages, while 74% favor it for transactional messages. The study also found that 84.9% check their email at least twice a day, and most are aware of the problem of messages landing in their spam folder. 


By 2027, Enterprise Spending On Generative AI Will Multiply Nearly Eightfold In Five Years

In 2027, enterprise spending on generative AI solutions worldwide will reach $151.1 billion, growing nearly eightfold from its total in 2023, according to the International Data Corporation.


Brands Need to Embrace and Support Today’s Customer Experience Economy

Brands don’t have the same margin of error they once did, so it’s critical that they embrace and support this new wave of empowered consumers and make it clear how the experiences they deliver improve their customers’ lives. To excel in an increasingly crowded field, Merkle urges brands to focus on responding to consumers’ stated preferences about their brand experiences in an effort to increase trust and build long-term relationships.

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