The Media Minute 2.14.24

Growth Gains: Worldwide Ad Spending To Grow Faster In 2024

Recently, the Magazine Manager blog shared the good news that advertising spending in the U.S. grew in 2023. And even though that growth (achieved after nine consecutive months of YoY spending) only amounted to a 0.5% overall YoY gain, it’s still cause for optimism looking ahead.

Add another log to the optimism fire with Insider Intelligence’s latest projection that worldwide spending in digital, traditional, and total media ad spending will all grow faster in 2024 than they did last year.


U.S. Ad Buyers, Publishers Use A Combo Of Performance, Attention Metrics

57% of US ad buyers use performance metrics to help determine attention levels, according to an August 2023 survey from Integral Ad Science and YouGov. Publishers are less reliant on performance metrics, with only 43% currently using them to measure attention.


AI: The Next Frontier for Growing Brands

Creative professionals and marketers are under pressure to maximize results while minimizing budgets and resources. The report found that 76% of respondents agree that economic fluctuations have amplified the need for strategic pivots in teams’ workflows.


Meet “The New Sports Fan” in Infillion’s Latest Research

NFL Swifties. Gen-Z cricket fanatics. And Inter Miami FC followers who have never set foot in Florida. Reaching sports fans today is a lot more complicated than it used to be. Sports fans have always been a coveted audience for advertisers. Viewers are famously engaged and deliver the rapt attention that brands crave, and brands sponsoring teams or games can get a goodwill boost from supporters. One study after another has shown that sports fans are more likely to pay attention to commercials, that they look favorably upon brands that sponsor their home teams, and that this receptivity is growing rather than shrinking.

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