The Media Minute 2.7.24

AI, Revenue Streams, And Breaking Big Tech Dependence — Publishing Predictions For 2024

When Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism released its annual “Journalism, Media, and Technology Trends and Predictions” last January, Senior Research Associate Nic Newman commented that news organizations that hadn’t yet embraced digital would be at a “severe disadvantage,” highlighting one emerging technology that could offer “the chance for publishers (finally) to deliver more personal information and formats, to help deal with channel fragmentation and information overload.”

That technology was AI, and Newman’s prescient forewarning to “buckle up for the ride” seems almost cute considering how 2023 unfolded.


It’s Official: U.S. Ad Market Expanded In 2023, Albeit A Smidgen

Following a weak first-quarter start, the U.S. ad market expanded for nine consecutive months, ending 2023 with a gain of 0.5% over 2022, according to just-published December estimates from Guideline’s U.S. Ad Market Tracker.


Shoppers Want AI To Help With Product Research And Customer Service

To improve the shopping journey, 86% of adults worldwide want AI to help with product research or information, according to October 2023 IBM data. Some 82% want AI to help get service, answers, or solutions.


Brands Think They’re Delivering Great Shopping Experiences. Consumers Are Delivering Them A Reality Check

New Deloitte Digital research reveals that brands and consumers do not see eye-to-eye when it comes to the commerce experience. Our latest research uncovers what people value most in their B2C commerce experiences and how well brands are delivering on those expectations. We found that nearly 80% of B2C brands believe consumers are impressed by the online shopping experiences they provide. Yet fewer than half of consumers actually are.

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