The Media Minute 1.31.24

Publisher Tips To Take Advantage Of Programmatic Advertising’s Bright Future

For all its promise and revenue potential, programmatic advertising faced “notable challenges” in 2023, according to Assertive Yield’s 2024 Publisher Trends report, which says trends like Google’s cookie phase-out and “a push for sustainable advertising” could impact publishers even further.

However, the report does note the bright side looking ahead, as the programmatic advertising market is expected to see an annual compound growth rate of 12.5% globally through 2030. 


As Cookies Disappear, Consumer Caution Grows

For many people, privacy is of the utmost importance when browsing online. Users do not want companies harvesting their data, and using it for personalized advertising. So the recent news of Google phasing out third-party cookies for 1% of users, with a plan to completely do away with them by the end of 2024, should be a welcome change that consumers should accept. However, there is still skepticism surrounding what could ultimately replace cookies, as well as alternatives that are already being tested.


The AI Fix: Enterprise Brands Are Using The New Tech To Engage Customers

AI-driven automation is leading to cost savings for most marketing users, judging by The Enterprise Perspective on Customer Engagement & AI, a study from MessageGears done in partnership with Ascend2.


AI Adoption Soars: Indusface Study Unveils Impact Of ChatGPT On Workplace Dynamics

Since its launch last November, ChatGPT has not only garnered over 100 million users but has also ignited a 1,700% surge in the quest for artificial intelligence. The debate over its role within workplaces has reached a crescendo. To better understand ChatGPT’s footprint in the UK business landscape, Indusface conducted a comprehensive survey of 2,000 workers, offering insights into its adoption, applications, and the prevailing concerns.

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