The Media Minute 1.24.24

Growth Opportunities: Publishers Focusing On Digital Subscriptions In 2024 

For all the work and focus that publishers put toward their audience-community, sometimes a step back to get a glimpse of what others in their publishing-community are doing is more than just refreshing — it’s essential for survival.

Heading into the new year, the Alliance for Audited Media asked 35 of its audited publishers what they hoped to accomplish in 2024. Almost three-quarters (74%) said that digital subscriptions were going to be an area of focus, with the same percentage saying they were optimistic about growing digital subscriptions. 34% expected advertising to grow revenue, and 29% expected revenue from sponsored content.


Striking a Balance Between Hi {First_Name} and Creeping Customers Out

Bad personalization happens every day — the email addressed to {First_Name} or Amazon suddenly sending you lots of dog treat recommendations when you were only pet-sitting for one week. It happens, but it doesn’t need to because there is a right way and a wrong way to do personalization. 


2024 Publisher Trends: Global Programmatic & Ad Revenue

In 2023, the programmatic ecosystem faced notable challenges, making it one of the slowest years on our records. On the bright side, the global programmatic advertising market is expected to have an annual compound growth rate of 12,5% from 2023 until 2030.


The 2024 Advertising Outlook

In the dynamic world of advertising, understanding broader trends that dictate ad spend is crucial for informed decision-making. Our research indicates a wave of optimism sweeping across the industry heading into 2024. Marketers are gearing up for an active year ahead, with a substantial majority expressing their intent to either maintain or increase their spending in every channel.

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