The Media Minute 07.31.2018

The ever-growing threat of a simple algorithm change to Facebook or Google continues to loom over publishers, but’s latest traffic report has a few solutions to that issue.

Publishers are starting to realize the unharnessed value of an engaged email database and how it can increase digital revenues. An opt-in email newsletter list can be one of your most valuable assets—because then you own the relationship with that reader.

Magazine publishers, don’t let the changing advertising landscape get you down. You have something not many businesses have: a successful magazine brand.

Smartphones are the leading channel for email opens. But they lag behind desktops in producing conversions and revenue, according to a study by Movable Ink.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Tech Lab introduced ads.txt last year to help ad buyers avoid illegitimate sellers who arbitrage inventory and spoof domains, following calls from across the sector to clean up the supply chain.

Pete Spande said ad agencies seem to be looking at him differently these days.
In the past two weeks, the chief revenue officer of Business Insider said he’s had first-time conversations with many of the video and TV-buying groups at the agency holding companies. He said those talks are happening in part because BI started using Nielsen’s Digital Content Ratings to measure the size of its digital video audience.

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