The Media Minute 07.14.2020

In this episode, we replay a panel discussion from the 2019 FUSE Media Summit last November. Brian Kroski, CEO and Principal at Kroski Consulting, talks data strategy with executives from a mix of B2B and consumer publishing companies, including Natalie Williams, COO at Brief Media; Sean Griffey, CEO at Industry Dive; and Katie Herrell, VP of Digital Platforms and Products at Active Interest Media.

We know digital editions are having their moment in the sun right now, or as Rick Edmonds recently wrote for Poynter, “replica editions, the ugly ducklings of digital news, have suddenly become strategic.” Many publishers have asked questions on using digital editions in their habit-formation strategies. Today we’re sharing answers to some of those questions.

After August 15, publishers will be asking people for their consent to gather data to show them ads again, as the revamped version of the Internet Advertising Bureau Europe and IAB Tech Lab’s Transparency and Consent Framework kicks in.

News publishers are responding to the coronavirus pandemic with several key strategies aimed at emerging from the health crisis and economic slowdown stronger than before. Many of the strategies look promising, such as developing “advertising solutions” that are broader than selling ad space and fostering reader loyalty that outlasts the pandemic.

What would a world where Facebook and Google actually paid news sites for the information they provide look like? We might be closer to that day than we think. The impact that both companies have had on the advertising revenue of local news organizations has been documented in the past, as have the larger consequences of their presence.

The dramatic impact that the novel coronavirus has had on the United States and the world is undeniable. There are many different ways to view what has happened, and I do not wish to be political—I trust that everyone can handle politics in their own way.

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