The Media Minute 07.03.2018

The 2016 election, Cambridge Analytica scandal, and GDPR represent a tidal shift in how the ad tech and digital media industry will monetize their audience moving forward. And it’s overdue. Demographic data doesn’t define a person’s identity.

The conventional wisdom on digital magazines is that they’re dead, at least as a custom format, separate from print and enhanced for the tablet or phone.

The DoubleClick brand is going away, along with AdWords. In their place are three new brands: Google Ads, which now identifies what was AdWords, Google Marketing Platform, which encompasses Google’s products for enterprise advertisers, and Google Ad Manager for large publishers.

When Doug Olson, the president and general manager of Meredith magazines, reaches for an analogy to describe the launch of The Magnolia Journal, his mind goes immediately to O, The Oprah Magazine.

As direct-to-consumer brands from Brooklinen to Curology try to wean themselves off of Facebook ads, commerce-focused publishers are trying to help fill the marketing gap..

For publishers, getting quality traffic to their online properties is itself quite a big challenge, especially in the current environment of turmoil in the digital landscape. Next month onwards, things might get even more difficult for some.

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